Last Summer's Hike

When all excitement fades and my body can no longer take it,

I push myself to take one more step

            Just one more.

I take that step, and see the result of it:

            Summit. I made it.

With a renewed breath, I take in the scenery of green mountains as it contrasts with the blue sky

I stand, as my mind settles – I see the overlapping valleys, a river courses its way in between them and adrenaline rushes in my veins


I didn’t eat, and forgot water

the hike is only a mile

my body doesn’t yearn for nourishment anymore

The soft breeze caresses my shoulders and

intertwines with my curly hair –

The sun shines brightly, warms up my back

and I know this is where I belong

            Nature is my home.


Silence overcomes me when I see the vastness of the mountains – I realize the sky is not scraped

                        Only the trees gently sway in the limitless horizon

This is what my heart desires:

            Adventure followed by tranquility.

My cousin stands on the rock opposite me, with his hands on his hips

His sister sits on the rock beside me, blissful, with a twinkle in her eyes

Now I know

the summit of Table Rock is the best place to be.