A Riding

Just off the highway to Jenison, Michigan,

The bright sun flickers on the road.

And the eyes of those two bikers

Brighten with happiness.

I have arrived safely to my destination

And the cars do not frighten them.

I park in the closest parking spot

And join their bike route with them, just us.

They chatter with excitement, so happy to see me

Since it has been a while.

Their stories overlap like blue on yellow. They know each other.

There is no joy like theirs.

With them, once more,

We begin breathing the fresh, crisp, clean air around us.

I would like to talk to the brunette for a little while longer,

For she was my first best friend

In my fourth grade year.

She is bubbly and bright,

Her personality overwhelms her being,

And the dancing breeze touches her hair

That flows like the silky satin.

Suddenly I realize

That if I stopped my route I would rupture

Into gratefulness.